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Click an image for dimensions, descriptions, and videos of the actual product you will receive, lighted and unlit if they have lights. All products are guaranteed for returned replacement due to shipping damage or workmanship. Products are shipped with a fresh battery installed if applicable, and extra batteries. Shipping is free, tax is added at checkout. Products are shown on a turntable for video purposes only. Sorry, they do not rotate and the turntable is not included. The pen in the videos is to show some scale.


  • 'FDM' refers to fused deposition modeling, extruding a filament through a heated nozzle. 'Resin' printing is layer curing a UV liquid using a UV light shown through an LCD mask.

  • 'Simple circuit' lighting refers to a light that is turned on and off by pulling out the disc battery. Usually, with a multi-color or UV (ultraviolet) LED.

  • 'Timed Tea Light' has an on/off switch and a built-in timer that once turned on, stays on for 6 hours and then turns off for 18 hours. Continuously, unless reset by turning off then back on. Warm, flickering light like a candle.

  • 'Puck Lights' take 3 AA batteries and have full-spectrum colored lighting with or without a remote. Remote units have 1/2 hour and 1-hour timers, 'smooth' color-changing setting, single color, on/off.

  • 'Compact Module' has an on-off switch but no timer.  Very easy to change the battery.

Also, all these lights look good in the daytime too and throw excellent shadows on walls and ceilings at night. I will add shadow pattern photographs very soon.