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Rotating Light Units

Hi. I wanted to have a separate page to explain and promote these new designs that use the multi-color, 7 LED, AC or DC powered, rotating base. The nice part for you, the customer, is that once you have a base, you can save $15 off the cost of any product of this type by not including the base. The sculptures just sit on top of the base and can be easily switched out. Here are some examples:

As you may know, I have developed many types of battery-powered light modules or used off-the-shelf products whenever possible. This off-the-shelf unit provides just the kind of effect I like and I plan on making many designs for this base. It is well-made, safe, and reliable. If any rotating light base ever fails, let us know and we'll replace it for free.

These designs are not immediately available but I imagine Janelle will want to set up a separate category for them.   

Thanks for your support,


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